BBDO/CDM and Pfizer Trace the Path of Medicine from Concept to Pill Bottle

By Patrick Coffee 

What does Pfizer do? It develops medications, vaccines and other such products promoting general health and wellness.

In a new campaign by HealthWork (a joint venture between BBDO and CDM), the company aims to better demonstrate for viewers how that long and convoluted process works…and why medicine is so heavily regulated.

The larger campaign is called Driven to Discover the Cure, and the first spot is “Before It Became a Medicine.”

Thankfully, professionals who work in medicine have to know very well how to do what they do–unlike those in, say, politics. Or advertising.


As the larger campaign’s homepage tells us, “A lot goes into making a medicine,” and the spot above featured five real Pfizer scientists. Can you spot them??

On that note, the materials produced by HealthWork also include this mini-documentary about stage 4 lung cancer patient Matt Hiznay. As you may have guessed, he is alive today thanks, in large part, to the work of Pfizer’s SVP/group oncology lead Bob Abraham.

Here’s a print ad from the campaign.

pfizer print ad