BBDO, Snickers Took Marilyn and Willem Dafoe Outside to Play

By Patrick Coffee 

In its latest project for Snickers, BBDO New York returns to this year’s Super Bowl spot starring Willem Dafoe as a certain mid-century starlet.

The former Mrs. Joe DiMaggio would have turned 90 this week, so this activation was a tribute of sorts to her all-too-brief and tragic life. Somewhere in midtown Manhattan, Snickers set up an interactive video screen featuring a continuously animated scene from the famous film “The Seven Year Itch” in which Monroe’s dress keeps getting blown up by the breeze from the gates below. You know the one.

There’s a bit of a twist, of course: if passersby stare at the star for too long, she turns into someone else entirely.


As you can see, the digital scanner figures out when someone has been gazing a bit too longingly at that Candle in the Wind before changing her into the Green Goblin. Apparently, the Last Temptation of Christ was simply a chocolate bar packed with peanuts and caramel!

It’s not quite clear why the staring makes Marilyn hungry, though we can see why it might make her angry. And we’re all about suspension of disbelief anyway.


Creative Agency: BBDO New York 


David Lubars: Chief Creative Officer, BBDO Worldwide
Greg Hahn: Chief Creative Officer, BBDO New York
Gianfranco Arena: Executive Creative Director
Peter Kain: Executive Creative Director
Scott Mahoney: Creative Director
Dan Oliva: Creative Director
Joey Henson: Copywriter
Jimmy Morrissey: Art Director
David Rolfe: Director of Integrated Production
Amy Wertheimer: Group Executive Producer
Alex Gianni: Executive Broadcast Producer
Neely Lisk: Executive Producer
Koji Yahagi: Director of Photography
Jeff Reagan: Production Assistant 

Kirsten Flanik: Managing Director
Susannah Keller: Global Account Director
Joshua Steinman: Account Director
Tani Corbacho: Account Manager
Jocelyn Choi: Account Executive
Annemarie Norris: Group Planning Director
Alaina Crystal: Planning Director
Sean Stogner: Senior Communications Planner 

Celebrity Talent and IP Rights Acquisition: Brad Sheehan, The Marketing Arm 

Experiential Production Company: Pearl Media
Anthony Petrillo: Executive Producer
Daniel Odham: Producer
Jennifer Ohs: Creative Technologist  

Editorial/Post Production: EG+
Renee Haar: Director of Post Production
Amy Feldman: Post Producer
Tim Jansen: Editor
Harry Nelson: Assistant Editor 

John Cabrera: Audio Engineer