MullenLowe, Century 21 Suggest You ‘Give Dad Nothing’ for Father’s Day

By Erik Oster 

With Father’s Day two weeks from this Sunday, MullenLowe released a timely spot for Century 21, urging viewers to “Give Dad Nothing” this year.

Only the “Nothing” referred to is Nothing, Arizona, where the brand is giving away “A free piece of land.” It’s explained on the bottom of the screen that it’s actually just “A free lease certificate valid for 24 hours on June 19, 2016” (that would be Father’s Day). Hey, that’s better than a sweater or gift card, right?

Obviously the promotion is meant as a punny, tongue-in-cheek play on every day’s answer when asked what they want for Father’s Day. It ties such a response to the brand in sort of a cute way, but we’re not sure the spot promoting the effort had to be more than 30-seconds long. It ends by inviting viewers to, where they can claim their land. That the whole thing is, at heart, sort of a dad joke is quite appropriate and while we’re not sure many people will make the trip out to the barren desert landscape it will probably elicit a few chuckles from fathers and garner the brand some attention.