Barkley-Owned Startup Grenadier Nabs New Client

By Kiran Aditham 

If you were aching to find out what the lads at Barkley-owned startup shop Grenadier were up to, the Boulder-based agency led by CP+B alum Jeff Graham and a handful of other ad vets has nabbed AOR duties for Sunny Delight flavored water brand, Fruit20.

The brand’s VP of marketing Mike Burton says in a statement, “Given the current conversation around food and beverages today, especially the focus on calories, flavorings and additives, we felt the time was right for the Fruit2O brand to be part of that dialogue.  With all the full taste of natural fruit, but no calories or artificial colors, we feel likethink Fruit2O has a great story to tell. I’m excited to work with our new partners at Grenadier to find our voice, and reallyin helping our brand  stand for something in the lives of our consumers.”

To refresh your memory, Grenadier was formed in partnership with Kansas City’s Barkley two months ago and features a lineup that includes the aforementioned Graham as well as Mark St. Amant, Randy Rogers, Rob Hofferman and Wade Paschall. With a new client in tow, perhaps the lads can now focus on building up their agency’s website.