A 91-Year-Old Skydiver Tells Her ‘Saving Story’ For Firstborn, Fidelity

By Ella Riley-Adams 

What makes a great story? Start with an old person fondly rehashing their adventures, then try having that story acted out by adorable little kids. Throw in “sky jumping,” some honest American values, a couple fake moustaches, and you’ve got Firstborn’s new campaign for Fidelity Investments.

“You can sit and do nothing,” Marian Barnett–the 91-year-old skydiver in question–says. “But if I sit and do nothing, I’m bored. I’d rather save my money and jump out of an airplane again. That’s more fun.”


Marian is the first subject in Fidelity’s “Saving Stories,” a series that aims to show people investing is doable and rewarding. In turn, the Saving Stories are part of Fidelity’s Personal Economy center, a site that helps people take control of their finances.

Though the video runs a little long (do you have 5 minutes for an ad?), Firstborn perfected the buzzword of the season: storytelling. Marian’s spunky spirit, the creative imagery associated with her tale, and its ultimate happy ending/moral make me want to start a jar of nickels. I’ll be curious to see how Firstborn follows up with their next Saving Story.

Credits after the jump.

Client – Fidelity
Campaign – Personal Economy
Title – Saving Stories

Agency – Firstborn

Creative Director – Adam Rubin

Executive Producer – Alex Krawitz

Director of Strategy – Eugene Chung

Director of Client Engagement – Jason Rosenfelt

Senior Studio Producer – Will Russell

Senior Producer – Chris Grey

Production – Partizan

Director – Jeremy Konner

Executive Producer – Matt Tucker

Producer – Ross Girard

Line Producer – Brian Turner

Post-Production – Firstborn

Editor – Jess Carfield

Assistant Editor – Katharina Glanz, Phil Mansfield

Colorist – Jess Carfield

Compositing – JR Schmidt, Jordan Carroll, Hee Sun Kim

Sound Design – Brett Swanson

Audio Mix – Brett Swanson