Auto Dealer Campaign Finds all the Faults with EVs and then Debunks Them

By Kyle O'Brien 

New York and New Jersey auto dealer Benzel-Busch is helping to debunk some myths about Mercedes and Audi autos with a humorous campaign called “Electric Confessions.”

In the hero spot, a series of people describe what they see as faults with electric vehicles. The false statements range from “the motor’s too quiet to have any power” to “my battery will die in the desert.” After hearing these humorous falsehoods, the solution comes in at the end with the Benzel-Busch EV Edge Program that offers in-house experts and plenty of incentives.


The content was developed by Looney Content, a full-service marketing and production company from Montclair, New Jersey. The commercials were written and directed by Sean Looney, president of Looney and produced by the Loop Studios crew.

Strategically, Looney helped the regional dealer network approach the category with a national automotive mindset. Looney developed a curated strategy that promotes Benzel-Busch’s assets rather than just the cars they represent, including their EV expertise, unique service and protection programs.

A total of nine new commercials were filmed in just two days. They also featured spots on dent and ding protection and tire protection.

Looney’s branded content studio combines creative storytelling, commerce and cost efficiencies.

“Combining content creation and production capabilities under one roof is the future in our business. We’ve invested millions in our studio and carefully curated our own crews to give our clients greater access, efficiency and control in the process of producing entertaining and thought-provoking content,” said Sean Looney in a statement.