ATTIK Introduces Scion To Canada

By Michael Musco 

While we’re on the Canadian tip, beginning next week, 2011 editions of Scion’s xB, xD and tC models are set to arrive at 46 dealerships opening in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. To introduce Scion to Canadian customers, ATTIK co-founder/executive creative director Simon Needham and his colleagues, including creative director Ron Lim, have worked very closely with executives from Toyota Canada to craft a unique approach.

“Just as we did when we were gearing-up to launch Scion in the U.S., we began by performing extensive research into Canadians aged 18 to 24,” Needham explains in a statement. “We learned that these individuals share a great deal in common with the U.S. audience for Scion, in that both groups are creative, independent-thinkers who are resistant to advertising… but also that those in Canada tend to be more community-focused, and more interested in group collaborations.”


Along with Needham and Lim, ATTIK’s team on this project also includes senior writer Mike Brenner, senior art director Greg Coffin, senior broadcast producer Patty Lum, senior print producer Melanie Magatelli, account director Rachel Newell, and account manager Amanda D’Aloise.

The 60-second 3D cinema spot shown above began an eight-week run in Toronto movie theaters ahead of selected R-rated movies. It is accompanied by new print and online ads, new digital OOH boards, dealership elements, and many non-traditional elements aimed at the creative community.

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