At Least Sarah Palin Has a Clever Media Buyer

By Kiran Aditham 

Despite being a regular blight on the right, Rachel Maddow seems to have a friend in hockey mom/former governor/author Sarah Palin. The latter’s new Going Rogue tome, already a classic to the Matt Drudges of the world, got some lengthy promotion in between segments on last night’s The Rachel Maddow Show.

To be fair, though, the ad, which you can see on Gawker, seems to be more about conservative rag Newsmax–“the Highlights of conservative news magazines” as the site puts it. Still, like the Mac takeover of from the other day, the Maddow/Palin juxtaposition seems just as bizarre considering the former VP candidate is a regular Maddow target (i.e. above) and was even made fun of on last night’s show itself as Gawker points out. Now the debate remains whether Maddow was even aware of this or not.


Update: An MSNBC spokesperson tells us, “Newsmax didn’t advertise nationally on The Rachel Maddow Show. Some commercial time is reserved for local cable operators, who sell the time themselves.”

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