Mickey D’s Begins Adopting Euro Designs

By Kiran Aditham 

Perhaps taking a cue from rival Burger King’s new “pimp my restaurant” strategy, McDonald’s is the latest fast-food chain to wax trendy, sleek, contemporary, what have you. A McDonald’s in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood has said oui to a Euro-flavored makeover, complete with Danish modern furniture that isn’t bolted to the floor, flat-screen TVs, free-WiFi and employees dressed in all-black uniforms.

It’s all part of an “urban redesign” intended to “give our customers more of a reason to make McDonald’s a destination”, Mickey D’s spokeswoman Danya Proud tells the AP. The chain is basically adopting the designs that have already been implemented in thousands of its outlets in France and the U.K. But despite all the fancy garnishing, the menu sadly remains the same.


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