As Cannabis Becomes Legal in Canada, Toronto-Based Agency Juliet Launches Pardon Campaign

By Erik Oster 

With recreational cannabis set to be legalized nationwide in Canada on October 17, Toronto-based agency Juliet and British Columbia-based licensed cannabis producer DOJA have teamed up to the help those who have been charged with minor crimes for possession under soon-to-be antiquated drug laws.

Juliet and DOJA worked with production partner Array of Stars to create a line of six “Pardon” products: shirts, sweaters, a stash bag, a candle, a one-hitter and papers. All of the proceeds from  sales of the products will be donated to Cannabis Amnesty, a nonprofit organization seeking to expunge the criminal records around 500,000 Canadians convicted of  non-violent cannabis possession charges.

“Partnership with Cannabis Amnesty is a natural fit for DOJA,” DOJA founder Trent Kitsch said in a statement. “We care about community and as we get closer to cannabis legalization, the amazing work the organization is doing is increasingly important. The prohibition of this plant has comprised the health and happiness of many individuals, and it’s time for it to end.”

“Everyone is jumping on the cannabis bandwagon as legalization approaches, but very few are acknowledging what happened before that,” added Juliet co-founder and chief creative officer Ryan Spelliscy. “We created Pardon to help right past wrongs.”

Spellicsy noted that, in addition to providing financial support for Cannabis Amnesy, it also helps spread the group’s message.

“It helps start conversations and raise awareness, potentially getting more people involved in this important effort,” he said.