Arthur Sadoun Announces That He Had a Cancerous Tumor Removed

By Kyle O'Brien 

Publicis Groupe chairman and CEO Arthur Sadoun has said that he is trying to bring more transparency to the business, and apparently that includes letting his staff know that he had a cancerous tumor removed.

Sadoun recorded a video message sharing “something that is very personal.” In the two-and-a-half minute video, which was sent out to the Publicis Groupe staff, he states that a couple of weeks ago, he had surgery to remove a very small tumor and that tumor turned out to be cancerous.


While Sadoun does not say what type of cancer, he does show a visible scar on his neck, stating that he wishes the doctor had made the scar “a bit more discreet.”

He goes on to state that he is back in the office and will be working in Paris for the next few months while he undergoes more treatment to make sure the cancer never comes back. He invites anyone in the industry to visit him in Paris should they want to see him.

He ends by stating that it was a difficult decision to tell people about the surgery and cancer, but he thought that people “should learn from no one else than me…we have always decided to be open and to be transparent.” He closes by telling everyone to take very good care of themselves and their families.