Art Director Pursues Trump Style Guide Side Project

By Erik Oster 

An art director who uses the Twitter handle @kellyandscreech (bonus points for the Saved by the Bell reference) has been working on a side project creating a style guide entitled “The Trump Guide to Presidenting.”

No, “presidenting” is not a word, but then “make up words” is part of Trump’s brand voice, along with “make fun of the disabled,” “raise little hands,” “repeat words” and “ignore the teleprompter.” 

The already-lengthy document is a work-in-progress, given that (unfortunately) the Trump presidency is ongoing. Most recently, a “How to scare the entire world” update referenced Trump’s infantile “bigger button” response to Kim Jon-un, a Twitter rant very much keeping in the Trump brand voice of being “bold and aggressive” on social media and “taunting mentally unstable dictators.”

“The Trump Guide to Presidenting” covers everything from “What to wear” (“Hulk Hogan colored hair piece, red tie “no less than 6″ past belt,” gold watch), to “Who to blame” (Obama, Hillary, fakes news media) to “How to get your intel” (Fox and Friends) to “How to bullshit.” It even covers brand assets, the trademark Trump handshake, (bad)  advice on how to treat FLOTUS, “How to view the solar eclipse” and “How to distribute supplies to hurricane victims.”

The style guide spells out the Trump brand approach to “presidenting” so thoroughly it’s almost as if any idiot could do it!