Arnold Worldwide, New Balance Compete to be Most Patriotic

By Ella Riley-Adams 

Conveniently timed for the 4th of July, Arnold Worldwide and New Balance have launched a campaign celebrating the latter’s commitment to the United States. In a four-video series titled, “Our U.S. Factory Workers vs. Their U.S. Factory Workers,” actual NB factory workers compete in a hot-dog eating contest, ping-point match, basketball game, and ice hockey challenge. The pitch is their home factory, and the catch is that they have no opponents.


According to the parties involved, while 25 percent of New Balance shoes are made or assembled in the U.S., their competitors represent an embarrassing goose egg: NB employs more than 1300 U.S. factory workers, while their competitors employ none.

One-fourth still isn’t a huge amount, but it’s clearly not an exaggeration to say NB wins the game when it comes to patriotism. That makes for a lot of pride, and a lonely hot dog eating contest.

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Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat

Creative Directors: Mike Howard and Luke Perkins

Art Director: Rachel Wolak

Copywriter: Melanie Simonich

Producer: Jaime Guild

Assistant Producer: Claire Townsend

Business Affairs: Anne Joynt

Planners: Karin Wood and Angus McCoubrey 

Marketing Producers: Todd Sperry, Maggie Smith, Jessica Gaucher


Production Company: Element Productions

Production Company Executive Producer: Mark Hankey, Kristen Kearns

Production Company Line Producer: Mike Bowes

Director: Marc Colucci

Cinematographer: Carlos Bermudez

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