Arnold Gets Mixed Up

By SuperSpy 

Arnold has gotten savvy and hired a Multicultural Marketing Group Director. SVP level of course. Reginald Osborne is her name and according to Adweek, his goal will be to “create an integrated capability for diversity marketing across all agency accounts.” So, what Arnold really means is there going to try and talk to people of color. Why they just can’t say that? I’ll never know. Never. According to AdAge’s Report Cards, Arnold isn’t listed among the top 50 multicultural agencies in either the Hispanic, African American or Asian markets. Better get cracking, mister.

Osborne bounced from Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and before that, Spike DDB, Grey and Ted Bates.


This move is also a way in which Arnold can say they are promoting multiculturalism at their company. Good to see him at the top of the pile, but let’s see what happens below, yeah?