Allow Me to Introduce Myself: Warning, Boring Article to Follow

By Matt Van Hoven 

Yes, the reports are true. SuperSpy is stepping down from AgencySpy to work on other things. The folks at MediaBistro have, for reasons unbeknownst to me, given me this opportunity to write in her stead. Let the debauchery begin.

Did I say debauchery? I meant journalism.

My name is Matt Van Hoven &#151 aka AdHound &#151 and I’ll be doing my best to provide a fraction of what SuperSpy has spent so much time & effort doing &#151 giving you insider info, news, and stuff we’ve heard.


Insert cliché about filling shoes, it not being easy, and my hope for a good run.

I, along with others, will do my best to keep you in-the-know, but your help is needed. After all, sifting through b.s. ain’t easy &#151 so let us know what you hear. More after the jump – but it’s probably not worth reading.

You can find me at:
or on AIM, AdHound

First question – what does everyone think about Subway and Quiznos spots offering $5 sandwiches? This and more exciting questions to come.