Another Reason Kids Should Stay Inside and Not Get Fresh Air, Exercise

By Matt McCarron 

The youth can skip music class. They’re already living room rock stars. Gym class is for suckers when you can get all the exercise you need marching in place four feet away from the TV. Go outside to make friends? Why? They’re hanging out with their best friend, HaloKiller, in the other room. It doesn’t matter that they’ve never actually met. And now parents don’t have to worry about finding a carpool for pee-wee hockey.

EA Sports has come out with the latest evolution of sports with “Gretzky’s Last Slapshot.” The spot above features Wayne Gretzky showcasing the new Wii-based game. Developed by San Fran-based Heat, the commercial features The Great One destroying a house till his house keeper hands him the new Wii controller.


Our favorite part about the campaign is that social media will drive NHL Slapshot followers and friends to eBay where you’ll be able to buy vases, lamps and bowls smashed by Gretzky himself. Upon purchasing an item, you’ll receive* a personal note from The Great One reading, “Thanks for your money sucker!”

*I made this up.

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ECD: Steve Stone
ACD/AD: Anna Rowland
ACD/CW: Warren Cockrel

Dir./Prod. co.: Hank Perlman/Hungry Man, Los Angeles