Anomaly Staffer May Have Had Some Misconceptions About Anomaly

By Patrick Coffee 


This year marks the tenth anniversary of MDC’s Anomaly: lovers of puppies, drinkers of Johnnie Walkerhaters of “craft” beerplayers of baseball, promoters of Dick’s for women.

On that note, we received a curious email this morning from an unnamed soul that certainly reads like the thoughts of a longtime Anomaly employee.

Why did this industry insider contact us? It seems that he is a bit “disillusioned” by his experience at the shop. Maybe he was promised a job involving “groundbreaking” work complete with “fully integrated,” social media-friendly components. Maybe he thought working for Budweiser would involve the development of more “sticky” content and deep, innovative strategy rather than traditional, multi-million dollar tearjerker Super Bowl ads.

Here is the note, complete with grammar/spelling mistakes; we did add a couple of paragraph breaks to make it easier on your eyes.

This summer Anomaly turns 10 years old – and while everyone in our office is always talking about how we’re the agency of the future, I’m starting to think we’re just a really great “AD” agency, meaning: we do really great ADS. Sure the Budweiser Superbowl spot is great, but we got fired from the social media portion of the business.

The Dick’s Sports spots are great (their basically Nike commercials with a Dick’s Sports logo on them) but we don’t handle any of their social media. We make amazing films for Johnnie Walker and Captain Morgan but don’t really do anything else on those accounts.

And when  I asked one of the partners why we don’t do things like EOS anymore they just shrugged and said “Well, we really didn’t create the EOS brand we just worked on their website and packaging.” I guess this is just what happens to agencies that realize its easier and more profitable to stick with the TV model, but for me it’s getting disillusioning.

Your website posted an ad we did ! for the Pepsi Tea brand Leaf, the partners freaked because they didn’t want anyone to know we did that spot. The first comment that was posted under the article you ran said: Thought U guys were cool – Anomaly the new JWT. One of the guys I worked totally nailed it when we saw our fist Panera spot for the Bread Broth Bowl and rolled his eyes and said  the copy sounded like Carl reading from one of his charts.  Anyway – happy 10th anniversary.

What do we make of this one, readers?