Anomaly Celebrates a New MLB Season (Sorry, No Baseball Cat)

By Erik Oster 

Anomaly recently launched its “This Season” campaign for the MLB, heralding a new season with the anthem ad “Check out This Season on Baseball.”

The spot unfolds like a promo for the new season, with a list of story lines which emerged out of the 2016 season. There’s Red Sox right fielder  Mookie Betts preparing to take more of the offensive burden in the wake of David Ortiz‘s retirement, Bryce Harper looking to take the Nationals to the postseason (but not if the Mets staff of aces have anything to say about it), the Cubs looking to defend their World Series crown while Cleveland manager Terry Francona plots his revenge, and Mike Trout doing Mike Trout things.

Sure, there’s some hyperbole thrown in, like the claim that Houston Astros second baseman José Altuve has a chance to hit .400 (not going to happen) or Marlins right fielder Giancarlo Stanton “contemplating the 600 foot home run” but it’s all in service of the feeling that at the start of a new season, anything is possible. It all makes for a stronger showing than last year’s “#This” effort.

“You can think of the anthem spot almost like a coming attraction, with the emphasis on the storylines that emerged out of the end of last season,” MLB chief marketing officer Tony Petitti explained to AdAge. “As things unfold, and as more unexpected developments occur, we’ll modify the creative to reflect what’s happening.”

That extension has already begun, with a 30-second spot highlighting a historic opening day in which San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner hit two home runs. Now let us never speak of the possibility of adding the DH to the National League ever again.

There’s also a humorous “Bryzzo” souvenir company spot, starring Chicago Cubs sluggers with a fictional side company.

This is the moment we really want to see the campaign feature next: