Animations Voiced by Bono, Penelope Cruz and Others Show the Importance of Mass Vaccinations

By Kyle O'Brien 

The importance of everyone having access to Covid-19 vaccines is highlighted in a fun yet educational new animated campaign featuring the voices of Bono, Penelope Cruz, Kumail Nanjiani, David Oyelowo and others.

“Pandemica” is an effort by social impact agency Hive and The One Campaign, the global health and anti-poverty organization co-founded by U2 singer Bono, to raise awareness of the critical importance of global vaccine access in ending the pandemic. A series of short animations by illustrator Andrew Rae and animation house Titmouse, drives home the point that not everyone is receiving the vaccine as they should, but getting everyone vaccinated is the only way to stop the pandemic.


The series features characters voiced by Bono, Connie Britton, Penélope CruzMeg Donnelly, Danai Gurira, Nick Kroll, Kumail Nanjiani, David Oyelowo, Michael Sheen, Wanda Sykes, and others celebrities. From lovable misfits who get passed over by big corporations for vaccines to viruses groomed to become Covid-20, the characters all live in Pandemica, where no character is sure how long they’ll be stuck there. Each spot ends with “If the vaccine isn’t everywhere, this pandemic isn’t going anywhere.”

The campaign’s website notes that people living in the world’s poorest countries are being left behind when it comes to the vaccine, and that without every country able to roll out vaccinations, the world could see twice as many deaths.

“Pandemica’s animated world animates a simple truth—that where you live shouldn’t determine whether you get these life-saving shots,” said Bono in a statement. “Even while many of us still wait our turn, we need to commit to making sure that billions of people around the world aren’t left at the back of the line. It’s the right thing to do, obviously, but it’s also the only way out of this pandemic for all of us.”

“This virus has waged war on the world, and we need to fight back with all we’ve got. Vaccine access isn’t just about what’s fair, it’s also about what’s smart—we can’t end a global pandemic until we stop the virus, Gayle Smith, president and CEO of One, added in a statement”

The Pandemica episodes will be released in nearly a dozen countries in six languages.


Client: The ONE Campaign

Project Sponsor: Kate Critchley

Project Director, Entertainment & Talent Lead: Abby Sasser

Project Manager: Harshi Hettige

Project Coordinator: Medesse Sonou

Policy Lead: Jenny Ottenhoff

Global Campaigns Manager: Ben Peyrot des Gachons

Market Coordinator: Olalekan Obisesan

Digital Engagement Lead: David Cole, Anne Paisley, Louise Arlington

Communications Lead: Sarah Swinehart

Africa Entertainment & Talent Lead: Tumba Tshimanga

Design Lead: Deniz Tekkul / Kavin Chhoeut

Global Communications: Ben Maitland

Agency: Hive 

Executive Creative Director, Lew Willig

Creative Directors, Mark Girand / Monty Pera / Don Marshall Whilhelmi /  John Knecht

Co founder and CEO, Jenifer Willig

Project Director, Julia Bleznak

Executive Producer: Margaux Ravis

Illustrator:  Andrew Rae

Animation Production: Titmouse

Executive Producers: Chris Prynoski, Shannon Prynoski, Anotnio Canobbio, Ben Kalina

Director:  Dante Buford

Associate Producer: Lauren Siller

Animator:  Victoria Giacomazzi

Compositor: Dennis Fries

Editor: Marco Vera

Music & Sound Design: Father