Andes Beer Spoofs ‘Edward Scissorhands,’ Melodramatic Silent Movies

By Bob Marshall 

From Del Campo Saatchi and Saatchi comes yet another spot for Argentinian beer Andes, a product of Anheuser-Busch InBev that is (maybe, but probably not) the brew giant’s equivalent of Michelob. We meet an attractive young man with a horrifying affliction–he has empty beer bottles for hands. It’s kind of like (¡EL SPOILER!) Edward Scissorhands, except with beer bottles, you follow? Okay, cool.

Anyway, we can assume the team at Del Campo Saatchi and Saatchi decided to have a little fun of the brief, taking the ol’ “What problem does this solve?” approach to Andes’ new wide-mouth bottles and making up a silly non-problem for “A Singular Man.” I mean, really, the only reason we have wide-mouth anythings is because the developed world contains a bunch of fatty-fat-fats who feel the need to consume food and beverage in greater volumes in order to support their bloated stomachs. It’s either that, or, you know, people who self-medicate by binge-drinking away their problems.


We wish you well, Argentinians who inevitably will smirk like idiots when they replicate this spot and dunk their fingers into their bottles. We doubt that Budweiser introduces their own bottles of similar design to the States with a spot that doesn’t feature a bunch of young models chugging beer at a beach party or something. Credits after the jump.

Client: AB InBeb

Product: Andes beer.

Campaign title: “A SINGULAR MAN”

Agency: Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi

Executive creative director: Maxi Itzkoff / Mariano Serkin

Creative director: Ariel Serkin /

Juan Pablo Lufrano

Creative team: Diego Gueler Montero / Charlie Lanus

Agency producer: Adrian Aspani / Camilo Rojas / Lucas Delenikas

Account director: Jaime Vidal

Account Executive: Manuela Sorzana

Production company: Primo Bs. As.

Director: Nico & Martin

Executive producer: Caro Cordini

Producer: German Lentini

DP: Javier Juliá

Art direction: Magdalena Arrieta