And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert 

Christ Almighty, the weekend could’t have come any sooner. There’s more than one Easter egg in today’s basket of quasi-ad-related videos, from the magician whose best trick isn’t pulling a rabbit out of his hat, it’s getting women (err, chicks, if you prefer to continue with the Easter thing we’ve got going here) to kiss him to the epic Biting Elbows music video for ‘Bad Motherfucker’, known better as that awesome office escape film.

6. Friggin Geico. Can they stop with the ads already? First, they’re so good. Second, they’re just so good. Third, the Pillsbury Doughboy appears in this week’s line-up, and though it only has 9,864 views, it’s just so good.


5. David After Dentist started a fantastic trend where people record their loved ones. Here’s a couple of quotes from this girl after getting her wisdom teeth pulled: “They were just trying to help me chew and I didn’t accept them.” and “They just wanted to be a part of my body…and I said NO! Get out! I didn’t mean it. You can come back if you want”. Just 86,207 views, you’re welcome.

4. Some men just want to watch the world burn. Other men just want to kiss women. The latter is the best way, really. And so a young “illusionist” has solved this issue, devising an illusion that incorporates lady-smooches. 536,210 people have also realized this man’s genius. Don’t. Miss. Out.

3. Somersby Cider takes the piss out of Apple stores in this “product launch” video. The copy is elbow-to-gut worthy and will make you wish you were out drinking apples rather than staring into one. 728,272.

2. Someone needs to stop letting Hugh Jackman do Wolverine movies. The last one was a suck, and though this new one looks pretty cool it’s also probably a suck. But still, watch it, cuz 7,631,441 can’t really be wrong. Well, yeah they can.

1. INSANE OFFICE ESCAPE 2. To quote Macklemore, this is fuckin’ awesome. And super violent/slightly NSFW for violence and one shot of girls in bikinis. 9,811,125.