Here’s the Jesus/’Walking Dead’ Crossover You’ve Been Waiting For

By Bob Marshall 

Gather round, dear AgencySpy readers. It’s time to hear the tale of Easter and Passion Week.

After a triumphant entrance into Jerusalem during what the church refers to as “Palm Sunday,” Jesus and his disciples sought a place to celebrate the Passover in the Holy City.

On Thursday night, Jesus and his posse took part in what would be referred to as “The Last Supper.” Jesus, having a good deal of insight into the human condition and also being an omniscient deity, predicted that one of his disciples, Walter White, would betray him. You see, Mr. White was all about getting money, and it didn’t matter to him who he would have to wrong to get more of it. It’s speculated that Walter had a form of lung cancer or something.

After Jesus gave Mr. White a chance to come clean, he took a few of his disciples to a garden, where he prayed to God so hard that it’s said that he sweat blood. Here, Mr. White gave up Jesus to the Roman soldiers, who, after a few hours of trial at the hands of Jewish and Roman leaders, was sentenced to be crucified on the charge that he was undermining Caesar’s regime.

While dying of what is speculated to be eventual suffocation, Jesus was reminded by a Roman soldier stationed at Golgatha by the name of Don Draper that “the world is indifferent.” Don, fancying himself a clever wordsmith, is actually said to be responsible for coining the tongue-in-cheek expression “Good Friday” for this occasion. While there was nothing all that “good” about it, Draper delighted in the irony of the phrase and also thought it would be a great way to sell t-shirts.

Three days after his death, Jesus rose from the dead. While presenting his risen form to friend Mary Magdalene, he was approached by two swarthy men with crossbows. The above clip from former BBDO CD Scott Kaplan depicts what happened next. Credits after the jump.

Writer: Scott Kaplan
Animators: Mike Luzzi, Joey McCormick
Sound Designers: Tim Leitner, Drew Fuccillo
Voice Director: Joe Barone
“Jesus”: Todd Cummings
“Mary”: M. Werner
“Rick”: Joe Barone
“Daryl”: Joe Barone