And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert 

Achoo. Asneeze. A freakishly cold Friday in New York. If you’re suffering from the plague that’s going around, you’ll be glad to know that this week’s batch of videos are finally here. So why mess around? Jump in, get big and bad.

7. You think your life is hard? Imagine being a four year old who is blind and now your mom wants you to navigate this freaking curb and all you have to help you is this stick. If your vocabulary allowed it, you’d say this was terrifying. Instead, you eek “Iom scaywud”. Or something equally cute. But then you become inspiration for the entire internet, or at least the 21,153 people who have seen this so far.


6. It’s one thing to be an adver-artist who also dabbles in actual art. It’s another to be an astronaut who is also a talent in the arts, say astrophotography, which is the case foe Dr. Don Pettit, who has spent nearly a year aboard the International Space Station. During his time, he captured four time-lapse films that have finally been cobbled together to create a stunning view of the earth – the likes of which have only been imagined by film makers with ample CG technology. In Pettit’s case, all he had were some still cameras. With 94.3k views, you’ll press play knowing that something mesmerizing is about to spill into your brain.

5. A man, a plan, the Ghan, Australia. That’s not a palindrome, it’s a brief description of what you’re about to see – a music video composed by a man who traveled Australia on the Ghan railway, capturing sounds from his trip and compiling them into a beautiful menagerie of experiences. 151,746 people can’t be wrong. Well, yes they can, but in this case they’re right.

4. Old Spice remixed a spot they recently launched, replacing hawk noises with goat screams. At 193,097 this ain’t viral – but it’s definitely hilarious.

3. Space X doesn’t need no stinking ads. All they need to do is show off their one of a kind products – in this case, the Grasshopper Hoverslam rocket launch. It’s a rocket that can land, an innovation that will make the future of spaceflight that much cheaper. 218,555.

2. Another round of inspiration has made its way to the internets, this time as Billy Joel welcomed an aspiring pianist on stage to accompany him on “New York State of Mind”. The redux is amaze, and it’s garnered a healthy 1,256,743 as a result.

1. Pepsi MAX returned this week with another “dress up an athlete and have them prank unsuspecting bystander” video. This time, Jeff Gordon took a Chevy car salesman for the ride of his life. Too bad it’s fake. Regardless, 16,245,155 people also fell for the gag.