And Now, Your Requisite Post About Condoms and Vajayjay

By Kiran Aditham 

Those rapscallions at Boulder-based TDA are at it again, this time launching a new campaign for Sir Richard’s, the condom brand that kicked off its launch by giving us wild postings in NYC nearly 18 months ago and is now honoring National Women’s Health Week with “Vagina Rules.” To be specific, TDA’s effort calls on the ladies to offer “rules about what they won’t put in their vagina” to raise awareness for the lesser-known chemicals that are often found in condoms and lubricant, including spermicide, parabens, and glycerin. You can check out an image from the campaign below or go to the website for info. San Francisco, Denver and Austin, meanwhile, can expect Sir Richard’s wild postings of their own in the near future. Credits after the jump.



Creative Director: Jonathan Schoenberg

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