Wing Creatives Encourage Hispanic-American Advertisers to Stick Together

By Bob Marshall 

“Circulo Creativo Latino de Estados Unidos” is an organization that seeks to increase and foster interaction between US-based Hispanic creatives. This year, the CCLEU held a competition that asked young creatives to create a PSA of sorts encouraging eligible members to join the organization, with the winning entry earning its creators an all-expenses paid trip to the Cannes Lions Festival.

The winning entry (above) comes from art director Said Fayad and copywriter Marc Duran, two employees at Wing, a WPP-owned subsidiary of Grey that specializes in work that targets a Latino audience. “We’re Better Together” is a phrase contrasted with probably the worse piece of three-word advice any movie character can take, the infamous “let’s split up.” Maybe best made fun of in Joss Whedon’s recent horror/satire Cabin in the Woods, “let’s split up” never works out for the would-be victims of film.

Sure, one could argue that Fayad’s and Duran’s spot’s effectiveness relies on borrowed interest from the various films and TV shows it features. But, for pop-culture and horror movie buffs (I’m looking at you, Kiran), identifying where each clip originates is what makes “We’re Better Together” so much fun.