And Now it’s a Trend: Balloon Kid

By Matt Van Hoven 

In less than an hour, the Twittershpere has blown up with this balloon kid thing. Not sure what we’re talking about? A kid in Colorado climbed into his parents’ home made weather-balloon-looking-thing and then, oops, the tether holding it down snapped. Poor little dude.

Come on, was there only one tether? Anyway, we’re not sure how they know the kid is in there, but he’s like 6,000 feet up over Colorado floating along at 25 mph. Just a little six year-old kid all alone up there. Little tyke is a trend already &#151 which means he will be the envy of every marketer whose tried to make it happen on the Twitters. The kid wasn’t in there. Update: And now he’s at home.

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