Tony Hopp’s Email to Campbell Ewald Staff About Chevy Review: Timid

By Matt Van Hoven 

Today AdAge announced that Campbell Ewald will remain Chevrolet’s lead agency. Meanwhile, the automaker has opened up its doors to other shops, to whom it will present RFPs for various assignments. You can read the whole thing here. Tony Hopp, chairman and CEO of CE, sent an internal memo to staff regarding the news.

“Earlier this week, I met with Brent Dewar, Vice President, Global Chevrolet Brand, regarding Chevrolet’s plans to include a broader set of agencies in competition for new brand and product campaigns. (ed: um, and? what’d he say?)

“Just as the new General Motors is committed to reinventing itself and the personal transportation business, Campbell-Ewald remains committed to delivering business driving solutions to Chevrolet every day. We will continue to do what we are currently doing for Chevrolet and will be part of any project put up for competition. (ed: yeah, of course you’re going to compete and of course you’re committed to delivering business driving solutions, but what did Dewar say?)


“Thank you for elevating the value that Campbell-Ewald provides for each of our clients every day &#151 for every opportunity. These are exciting times, and we have the strength, capabilities and passion to build on our industry leadership and the growth of our business.” (ed: yeah, you’re welcome. but these are scary times, not exciting. now, what the heck did Dewar say?)

Not only does this email lack the confidence Campbell Ewalders probably need right now, it leaves a gaping hole regarding what’s going to happen to the business. No one likes rhetoric, but next time let’s consider not leading with “so I was talking with this guy who pays our bills and well, let’s just say we’re going to keep working really, really hard for him.”

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