ANA Conference Coverage

By Laurel 

Yes, the founder is blogging. I came to the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) as the trailing spouse with my husband Jon Fine (he’s the Media Columnist at BusinessWeek, as some of you may know). In any case, thought I might be useful….

I’m asking the CMOs here from some of the biggest companies in the US to give us their thoughts. I am twittering their responses. Follow me at Twitter/LaurelTouby

Just heard from Mike Mendenhall, CMO of Hewlett Packard. He had some scary things to say about H-P’s digital strategy. It looks like the future for H-P (and possibly other big brands) will mean disintermediating ALL forms of media. Instead, H-P is moving towards engaging DIRECTLY with its consumers and potential customers through its own forums and networks it creates.


So, why use MySpace to reach consumers, or TV or mags or newspapers, when you can create your OWN media online that consumers can engage with?

In Mike’s words “brands aren’t defined by campaigns, but by consumer ecosystems to support them.”

I’m here to ask and answer your questions to these CMO’s. Send me questions for them directly at laurelt AT mediabistro DOT com

Laurel Touby