Altoids Honors the Worst People on Facebook

By Bob Marshall 

Do you have a friend who uses retro photo filters? Do they post album after album of photos of them wearing vintage clothing to Facebook? If you’re like me, you have multiple friends who do this. They think, “Hey, I got drunk on cheap wine in this park that I biked to last weekend, and it really looked like something out of the Dazed and Confused judging by this photo album on my Facebook page. The world needs to see this.”

Well, hopefully your friends have a sense of humor if you install the Facebook app for Altoids’ “Curiously Strong Awards” also developed by the folks at EVB, who have been pulling double-duty with Wrigley brands as of late. The app presents the user with 12 oft-seen Facebook stereotypes including “The Lurker,” “The Like-A-Lot” and “The Food-O-Grapher.” The handy video above lends in-depth descriptions of these stereotypes using the power of song. Does it have anything to do with breath mints? No, but at least you can piss off your retro photo filter-using friend by awarding them the title of “Hips-O-Grapher.”


As for the video above, it’s currently tallied over 55,000 views and counting strictly via word-of-mouth according to sources.