AllTogetherNow Stages ‘The Big TV Throw’ for Virgin Money

By Erik Oster 

Content agency AllTogetherNow launched “Rebellion in your Pocket,” a new digital and social campaign for Virgin Money, with the online spot “The Big TV Throw.”

“The Big TV Throw” is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, as the agency decided to stage (and film) a live event “reviving the lost art of throwing TV sets out of hotel windows” to promote Virgin Money’s Sex Pistols credit card. (Apparently they decided that reviving the lost art of vomiting in airports was too disgusting.) Ten cameras, including one which was drone-operated, captured the results of old televisions being flung across a 100 meter distance from an eight meter catapult. All of the televisions were non-functioning and were were fully recycled by waste management company Willshee’s following the stunt. AllTogetherNow also points out that no animals were harmed in the making of the video, but a couple of pigeons “may have been startled.”

The campaign embodies what the Sex Pistols credit card stands for – fun, pocket rebellion and that banks don’t have to be boring,” said AllTogetherNow CEO Conor McNicholas. “It’s a powerful, inclusive way of bringing to life the ‘There’s money, and there’s Virgin Money’ brand strategy, and a great example of AllTogetherNow’s ‘smarter content’ approach in action: bringing together elements of digital, social, experiential and video production, shrewdly distributed to the right audiences.”



Client: Virgin Money
Marketing Director: Paul Lloyd
Head of Social Media: Antony Simm

Agency: AllTogetherNow
CEO: Conor McNicholas
Creative Director: Dan Evans
Creatives: Keith Hawkins, Dan Evans
Business Director: Chris Illman

Production Company: Carbon
Director: Chris Reed
Editor: Naz Hosenie

Media Agency: m/SIX
Media Planners: Dwight Thomas, Lee Allard

Tech Company: Visual Voice
Directors & Co-Founders: Alex Newland, Thom Shardlow