AKQA Brings Back JFK for Greenpeace Ad

By Matt Van Hoven 

AKQA has brought John F. Kennedy back to life in a spot that’s nearly as creepy as Crispin’s reanimation of Orville Redenbacher.

The shudder factor aside, the message is that we need change now if we’re going to make the switch to renewable energy. In Greenpeace’s words, the spot “challenges world leaders to tackle climate change by embracing renewable energy and setting efficiency standards.”


JFK’s Message:

“Will we look into the eyes of our children and confess that we had the opportunity but lacked the courage, that we had the technology but lacked the vision?”

Well, in the context of the actual speech during which JFK posed that question, no we won’t. Why? Because we’ve already made it to the moon. And back. More than once.

For us this is a stretch (albeit a nice effort) on AKQA’s part to turn JFK into a puppet for the sake of their client, Greenpeace. His mouth doesn’t look right, his voice doesn’t sound right, and it isn’t right to twist a great man’s words for even the most idealistic purposes (ed’s note: Amsterdam based The Ambassadors procured the CGI effects). More on this, after the jump.

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Martin Lloyd, a Greenpeace spokesman, said, “To deliver this revolutionary message requires the kind of authority that our current leaders have not provided. So we looked to history and chose JFK, who achieved the seemingly impossible when he put a man on the moon. JFK issues a challenge to world leaders to step up and lead the energy revolution.”

Jeez, they’re right. There aren’t any other “leaders” that have the balls to stand up and say, “we’re going to end this.” Yeah, apparently being vice-president for eight years really counts for nothing. OK, fair enough, Al Gore has been out of the political game for awhile &#151 but dude’s got his stuff together. Just sayin’, he’d have been less creepy, and since climate change is something he actually speaks about quite regularly…

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