AgencySpy to Infiltrate JWT Bar Tonight

By Matt Van Hoven 

OK spies, we’re going in. That’s right &#151 we’ve gained access to JWT New York, and tonight we’re going to sneak around, have a drink, make awkward conversation, and hopefully get some ridiculous dirt while schmoozing it up at “The Bar” aka “Blue Lighting”. OK, well maybe not serious dirt, but we’re stoked to meet the crew who make that thing hum, and see them in their Sunday best. And participate in some revelry. Now where’s my camera?

Did we mention there’s a “best costume” contest. The above photo is of Armando Flores; we hear Armando hopes his “Rosanne in Rodbells” getup will win him the cash prize. We’re sure he’s got some tough competition, but he’s got a good start. The reference is classic and the resemblance is uncanny.


We’ll be the guy in the green shirt, who looks like he needs a beer. See you there.

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