Remy Martin, Lesbians?, Belvedere

By Matt Van Hoven 

Yesterday, a spy e-mailed us to say,

“Please take a look at the bizarre subway brand train campaign that posted for Remy Martin &#151 it’s like lesbian & threesome innuendo with the tagline ‘things just got a little more interesting.”

We’re pretty sure this is what the tipster was referring to, and we’d have to agree that there’s definitely some sexy-times inferred. This writer is astounded that some people get all upset about the word “porno” while ads like this float around all the time. What gives?

In case you’re in RSS, the ad consists of four bill boards. Three of them show two or three women (it’s hard to tell), presumably at some kind of social event (though they’re all we see). One has the other’ necklace in her mouth, while the other’s head is tilted back. The tag line, “Things are getting interesting.” Do they mean that a game of Cranium is about to break out, because that’d be interesting &#151 the hottest game of Cranium of all time.


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