AgencySpy Party Pics

By Matt Van Hoven 

( art director Karen Gereffi, Ogilvy art directors TJ Walthall and Miles Gilbert, and planner Kenji Summers.)

(Oglivy consultant Mark Miller, Circle in the Square actress Lydia Medeiros, BBDO New York art director Joao Medeiros, and Circle in the Square actress Benton Sheely.)

(The One Club adversity director and manager Julius Dunn and JWBS case manager Natasha DeJesus.)


(Outernational attorney Stephanie Beige and Outernational owner and president Victor Mazzeo.)

(Freelance writer Julia Fleming and Simon + Schuster marketing assistant Venessa Williams.)

Last night a gaggle of brave souls came out in support of AgencySpy, and told us all their secrets as we plied them with drinks. Why brave? We hear it’s career suicide to be seen at one of our shindigs. Come on, don’t be ridiculous &#151 partying with us is just like any other industry event &#151 get drunk, make bad decisions, eat some apps, maybe puke a little on the ride home, wake up wondering about things and go to work hoping you still have a job. Big whoop.

Agency PR people, your hearts should be racing. Bwa ha ha ha. OK so maybe it wasn’t all secrets and gossip, but there was a lot of talk about the state of things, when they might come to an end and who will be on top. All in all you’re a realistic yet surprisingly hopeful bunch.

The setting in the Dream Hotel’s Amalia was grotto-like; inviting and sexy, as were the guests. Uh, they weren’t like rocks, though. Anyway we’ve posted a number of the pics, but you can see more here. A big thank you to all who attended. We heard a lot of you didn’t come for fear of reprisal. Next time, just forget all that and come on by. Maybe we’ll come up with waivers or something &#151 what happens at the AgencySpy parties stays there, unless the juice is that good.

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Photos by Steve Bartel.

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