AgencySpy Dog of the Year: Grand Pup

By Erik Oster 

In our deliberations for AgencySpy Dog of the Year, we initially wanted to award our Grand Pup by the end of 2020 to cap off a truly terrible year. Then we realized that people would likely need a distraction in the early days of 2021 as well, and that it would be best to hold off on our top honor for any tough times ahead.

All of the dogs submitted for AgencySpy Dog of the Year are fantastic creatures deserving of accolades and we apologize to those who have not been featured. We were overwhelmed by the sheer number of entries and unable to reach our original goal of awarding every dog in a post by the end of the year, leading up to our Grand Pup selection. The fact that agency news didn’t seem to slow down at all in the final months of 2020 may have played a role as well. We still hope to grant awards to some of the outstanding outstanding pups on our Twitter feed at some point in the future.

Despite the high bar set by all of our entrees, there was one dog who stood apart from the pack. A majestic creature imbued with the wisdom that comes with age and resilience born from adversity. When gazing open this grand Golden, one can’t help but feel inspired and we like to imagine his likeness rendered in a peanut-scented trophy or picture him loudly snoring away while dreaming of bygone days rollicking in open fields.

Congratulations to Ben Kunz at Sandy Hook media agency Mediassociates and most of all to Boomer, our inaugural AgencySpy Dog of the Year Grand Pup.

Sadly, Boomer’s brother passed away last year and won’t be able to celebrate this victory with him. While he may hardly be able to walk these days, he ran away with our top honor.