Is A Naughty, Naughty Agency

By SuperSpy 

Whatever you may think of (“A hot mess!” “Subprime!” “They still have an office in New York?”), you have to give them credit for keeping their neck above water. Today, they’ve appointed Jeremy Daly as Director of Planning. Daly was a
partner and marketing director at Ogilvy New York with a focus on their IBM business. He began working for the Omnicom shop in 2001 where he led the Toronto office of Ogilvy Interactive.

Jeremy Daly said: “I am eager to be a part of a company that can make flexibility and collaboration easy across multiple disciplines, ultimately leading to greater business impact.”


OMG. These press releases kill us. Serious. Can you get through that last piece of quote without rolling your eyes? is in the middle of a staff-up though. They just got a new managing partner, Joan Zulawski. We’re sure that there are more new hires to come.

By the way, has gotten busted by users of Wikipedia for altering their own entry. A total fricking no-no, especially when you are an interactive company. Come on. You guys must have known you were going to get busted! has 8 edits coming from their own IP address. They changed small things like current accounts and staff numbers, but they also messed with the section labeled “viral controversy” that deals with the Subway experiment, which is a huge part of the story.

The before shot above has – “the vast majority of industry response to’s tactic has been overwhelmingly negative. Many comments on YouTube have also noted that the positive comments that were made by YouTube members who have had accounts that, in many cases, werejust hours old, adding to suspicion that the positive “buzz” on the YouTube site was merely employees patting themselves on their virtual backs.”

The after shot above, as well as their current entry page, has that same section now reading – “many industry responses to’s tactic has been negative or sarcastic. While the video came under fire, the tactic was also praised by many in the industry including…”

While the adjusted editorial is true (some folks liked their attempt to land the Subway business), it also discards the controversy the ran through the industry about falsifying comments on social media sites. Naughty, naughty. We get the impulse. There are a ton of things written about this blog we would love to erase, but your digital history is history – blogger, agency or individual. Gotta live by your successes and mistakes once you’re out and about on the big wide web.

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