Agencies Are Getting Weirdly Romantic for Valentine’s Day

By Kyle O'Brien 

Love is in the air today. Or maybe that’s the lingering energy from the Super Bowl halftime show. Regardless, even agencies that had ads in the big game managed to get a little romantic for Valentine’s Day, with a few fun agency-style twists. Check out what some agencies pulled together for the day.

The Martin Agency

The agency that made Kenny G larger than the mountains for Busch Light during the game took a musical approach to Valentine’s Day, helping agency colleagues and clients say the right thing on the romantic day. The Martin Agency tapped into its own feelings and created a “Valentunes” microsite, where people can choose their Valentine’s message from a list of options and receive a shareable Spotify playlist that’ll spell out their message through song titles. There are options for copywriters, holding companies, bosses and office dogs, among others. One was even made specifically for Adweek.


The Martin Agency offers custom playlists for agency people.


Anomaly is hosting an online speed dating night on Tuesday, February 15 to help single creatives find their copywriting or art Directing match. The agency is hoping the initiative helps creative singles who have felt isolated during the pandemic find their matches. To help get the word out, Anomaly made some films that show how people can love their work partners, from client calls to concepting and mood boards.

Anomaly is looking to hook up creative partners.


New York indie agency Barker is sending love notes to brands and consultants they really dig and with whom they want to work. To find rewarding long-term relationships with clients, agencies often have to go through exhausting pitches. It can be a lot like dating with all the creativity, overthinking, financial investments and general wooing. This Valentine’s Day, the team at Barker is making a bold first move to introduce the agency to brands they’ve noticed and find interesting.

Barker tries to woo potential clients with its Valentine’s Day cards.


Agency Baldwin& has been working with beer brand Ponysaurus for a while in trying to change the mind of North Carolina lieutenant governor Mark Robinson with its “#FundForTheFabulous” campaign. This Valentine’s Day, the agency is trying to help Robinson embrace love rather than hate in the wake of his negative comments about LGBTQ+ people. Ponysaurus is inviting everyone who supports equality to send some love his way, showering him with handwritten valentines. People can fill them out at the brewery in Durham, N.C. or at a dedicated web page, where they will be written into a card by hand and delivered.


Brand agency Bullish recently started working with Anheuser-Busch brand Babe Wine—and the first campaign for the canned wine centers around Valentine’s Day. The campaign states that the easiest—and laziest—way to make someone feel special is by going on Twitter and punching in three words to personalize a fairly bizarre valentine for them. The directions are simple enough: Quote tweet the brand’s original tweet, add your valentine’s name and two things they like, then a bot will send the person back a totally adequate card right away, with phrases like “please accept this Valentine’s greeting into your heart and also your bloodstream.”

9thWonder Agency

The marketing agency wanted to give the industry a smile, so the creative, marketing and social teams at 9thWonder made throwback valentines with some in-category sayings to wish each other a Happy Valentine’s Day. The cards feature a diverse array of people with heart-shaped phrases that have office and pandemic themes, including “I’d attend a Friday 5pm meeting for you.”

9thWonder Agency made its own unique Valentines.