AdWeek Gets Back to Business, Skips Election-related Coverage

By Matt Van Hoven 

Today, while essentially every news publication is focusing on the results of last night’s landslide victory by President Elect Barack Obama, AdWeek has strayed from covering the matter. Meanwhile, AdAge wasted no time in filling its front page with related stories.

Click continued for more, and to see what AdAge’s front page looked like this a.m.


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Has AdWeek moved on too quickly by vacating its front page of such content? Is AdAge over-milking the cow? To be sure, for today at least (and probably the next few days), we should expect a relative saturation of news toward the presidency. But as the excitement wears off and reality sets back in, returning to the bad economy and its accompanying media cutbacks, layoffs, death knells et al, just remember what today feels like &#151 no matter who you voted for.