Adobe Acts with Reason, Saves $4 Million

By Jordan Teicher 

Unless you’re an old billionaire looking for a trophy wife, four million dollars for thirty seconds of action might not be such a great investment. Adobe and Goodby, Silverstein and Partners want us to think about fiscal responsibility while we watch a monkey and a horse discuss the benefits of web marketing in their online ad “Adobe Animals.”

The post-Super Bowl spot is one of those meta-commercials that’s about commercials. It’s a clever idea and could’ve been so much more impactful if the writers didn’t settle on monkey fart noises. Adobe was wise not to empty their wallets for prime airtime, because this forgettable spot would’ve been met with head shakes and scoffs.


When God is done making farmers, he can spend some time outlawing talking animals. Credits after the jump.


Rich Silverstein – Co-Chairman, Creative Director

Keith Anderson – Creative Director

Shane Fleming – Art Director

Steve Nathans – Copywriter



Cindy Fluitt – Director of Broadcast Production

Cindy Epps – Producer



Robert Riccardi – Managing Partner

Angie Ziebell – Account Director

Joel Giullian – Account Director

VJ Varoon Jain – Account Manager



John Thorpe – Group Brand Strategy Director

Molly Cabe – Senior Brand Strategist