Ad of the Day: Dutch S&M Mag. Tries Spankvertising

By Matt Van Hoven 

Kudos to the Dutch ad-shop New Message for reminding the industry that there’s always another way to get your message out.

For their client, an S&M magazine called MASSAD, the Amsterdam based agency created a special tool to help deliver their message. No Web apps here, oh no. New Message put their proprietary tool into the hands of a well known Dutch porn actress Sofia Valentine, who promptly utilized it at S&M fetish parties, on willing guests.


The tool is a leather paddle, like the kind your boss uses on the interns when it’s late, except this one has the words “Massad, the S&M Magazine” cut out of it.

And when Ms. Valentine slaps the unclothed cheeks of a willing subject, it makes the skin glow bright red &#151 except of course for the cut-out parts which clearly imprint “MASSAD the S&M Magazine” on the victim’s cheek. Or cheeks.

The image above, shared by the campaign’s art director/copywriter Joppe Andriessen, pretty much sums it all up.

After a few fetish parties, we’re sure at least a few people have subscribed to the magazine &#151 or at least checked out the Web site. Yikes, it needs some help.

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