Steven Stoute & Jay-Z’s Translation Might Be A Muck Up

By SuperSpy 

It’s alive! The website for Steven Stoute and Jay-Z’s advertising agency, Translation, is up and running. When the rapper was talking about the mission behind Translation, he said it would provide a better understanding into Black culuture. Great mission, but um, Jay? Got a question for you.

Your website is heavy flash with lots of street imagery. You ask all your staffers to name the city that they love best. Why? Why isn’t it the place you love best? Not all Blacks and minorities are living in a metropolis. Just because you are a minority, doesn’t mean you are urban. In fact, urban and Black are two words that desperately need to be separated. Argh.

How is it that even the Black folk manage to overlook that the Black population is diverse and will only continue to be even more so? Boggles my mind. Dear Mr. Stoute And Hova: May I suggest you do a little rebranding and live up to your own principles stated on the website – nuance? I also suggest reading Karyn Lacy’s Blue Chip Black as a starting point into understanding just one segment of the Black population you are overlooking. As a follow-up, check out the discussions of Black Nerd culture. And no, I’m not talking about Kayne, ok? Or just watch the video above about the Blacks that grew up in the suburbs in the 80s and their struggles. By the way, this rambling woman has over 9,000 views and comments of support.

If you need more, come back to me. I got a long list of reading materials. You’re high profile in the ad biz now. Make it work. Don’t let me down.

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