Ad Man Builds House, Plans to Drive it Around World

By Matt Van Hoven 

Jay Shapiro
is the founder of “the measurable marketing company”, BLUE, a position he retired from in order to build the EcoRoamer &#151 which is basically a house that you can drive around the world. That’s what Shapiro, his cats, kids and wife will do. Jalopnik has the story.

Some cool points:
-the truck runs on biodiesel, but gets like 6 miles per gallon
-it’s built from the most eco-friendly materials possible
-the wi-fi capacity reaches almost a mile around the truck
-Shapiro sold his company in part so he could build this thing and then drive it around the globe, without damaging it
-solar panels on the roof run all auxiliary power
-it is giant

Many more pics here.


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