Ad Agency’s Online Stunt Increases Business, Ends Lay Off Threat

By SuperSpy 

You remember that agency, So Nice, that set up an online poll to let visitors to the website decide who would get laid off? The shop said that delinquent clients and the economic downturn was forcing them into layoffs. So Nice then posted the mug shots and biographies of willing employees in a bold PR stunt.

So Nice co-founder Laurent Duffaut said, “It’s really a cry of frustration about the unjust choice that we have to make. We are not responsible for what’s happening to us.”


Turns out that their online gamble has led to an increase in business for the Belgian agency. According to the website, the agency got 15,000 votes from people in 20 countries in less than one week. The clients who hadn’t paid their bills coughed up the cash. So Nice no longer needs to let anyone go and in fact, may be looking to take on more bodies with all that new business coming in.

Now, there’s a feel good story on this gloomy Wednesday morning.

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