ABC’s Own Private Bullshit

By SuperSpy 

ABC is looking to face off against Nieslen with their new “Advertising Value Index,” which takes a lot of criteria (income, employment, etc.) and marketing objectives, which spits it back out as a list of shows that a viewer is likely to watch. Then, it comes up with a single index number per network to be used in comparison to other networks. ABC will essentially, be recommending where advertisers should place their dollars.

How often do you think that ABC will say, score 174 against CBS whose score might be something like, 157? How can buyers actually trust the ABC system. It’s a bit biased. Adweek has Mike Shaw, President of Sales at the network, admitting that ABC comes out better than the other networks, both cumulatively and when compared to each of the other broadcast networks individually.


Yeah, so it’s like Nielsen’s own metric system, but useless and tilted, owned by ABC and with a slimmed down operating system. They’re calling it “evolutionary, not revolutionary.” Lets just call it what it really is shall we? B.S. Bullshit. Dirty diaper. Crap. Poop. Insert your own word here.