A Short History Lesson Of Zentropy

By SuperSpy 

I just wandered across a recently posted homage to long forgotten agency Zentropy. I almost cried. It’s sort of a tribute video. The accompanied song has lyrics like, “You’re going to be in my dreams tonight.” Tears. Small ones, but tears are gathering at the corner of my eyes.

They were no small fish having even purchased companies, like Shandwick Interactive, to ride beneath their banner. In 1991, Zentropy was bought by IPG. Being a huge company, IPG did what huge companies do – they merged it with six other shops. They operated under the name Zentropy Partners. They had some big name clients during the dawn of the internet age including Coca-Cola and Nestle.


In 2001, with 9/11 and a stumbling economy, IPG folded all of Zentropy back into the mother ship and added a bit of McCann for good measure. The new division is what you now know as MRM. So complicated.