A Senior Designer in Minneapolis Creates Paintings to Support Feeding America

By Doug Zanger 

Throughout the current state of quarantine, several creatives have found outlets to not only share their gifts but do some good at the same time. Some projects are simply a chance to put a unique spin on creating human connection, while others are designed to raise much-needed funds.

In the case of Kelly O’Halloran, a senior designer at Adweek Fastest Growing Agencies honoree 10 Thousand Design in Minneapolis, it’s a combination of the two, with a little wink to brands thrown in for good measure.


The miniature gouache paintings commemorate some of the cleaning and nonperishable products that have gained prominent status throughout the pandemic. Brands like Charmin, Clorox, Goya and Kraft are part of the series. Each piece sells for $30, with half of the proceeds going to Feeding America.

O’Halloran has been posting the work to her Instagram page and, at present, buyers of the work so far are reserved to family, friends and followers of her account. However, anyone who wishes to ask for a commission can reach out to her directly.

According to Jen Stack, executive director of marketing and communications at Colle+McVoy (the parent company of 10 Thousand Design), O’Halloran is in the process of creating a painting featuring Honeynut Cheerios, a product she says her “kids are living on” as they remain home from school.

In addition to custom work, O’Halloran can copy paintings that she has already created.

If you or someone you know is working on a side project during quarantine, please contact us at agencies@adweek.com.