Window Views Around the World Become Lovely Postcards in ‘Greetings From Lockdown’

A creative duo crowdsourced shots and gave them a charming vintage vibe

A collection of postcards
Robyn Frost, Victoria Rosselli

When Robyn Frost and Victoria Rosselli, who work as creatives at FCB Chicago, found themselves separated as a result of the coronavirus lockdown, they began to send each other photos of their views.

Frost lives in a high-rise apartment in Chicago and Rosselli at her family home in Florida. Frost would send photos of the downtown skyline, and Rosselli would send back photos of the family dog in the garden.

The two, who are friends but not creative partners, had an idea: to use their free time to reimagine today’s quarantine views of cities as classic postcards.

Robyn Frost, Victoria Rosselli

They asked friends around the world, from Amsterdam and Vancouver to London and New York City, to share images of what they could see from their windows.

Each image was then given its own treatment and reimagined as a postcard “based on the personality and pace of the city or state,” Frost said, “with a nod to classic postcard design through the stamps, rounded edges and textures.”

The creators took inspiration from elements that define each destination for the design. The typeface on the Amsterdam postcard, for example, is inspired by the “canals and fluidity of the city,” while the Los Angeles postcard took a cue from tabloid headlines.

“We looked at how our windows were framing our view of the world and it felt postcard-like–being tempted to go and explore, but unable to step outside into it,” Frost said. “While the tourism and airline industries are pretty much grinding to a halt, we thought a postcard series felt poignant and was an opportunity to create something beautiful. So ‘Greetings from Lockdown’ was born.”

Robyn Frost, Victoria Rosselli

The pair each created a Twitter thread and shared the postcards, asking people to reply with a photo of their view, which they will turn into custom postcards over the coming weeks. People from as far afield as Peru, Honolulu, Switzerland, Edinburgh, Barcelona and São Paulo have been sharing photographs in the hope they’ll be transformed into virtual postcards.

“We’ve received an overwhelming response and it’s been really uplifting to see so many people getting involved and appreciating the work. It was created purely for enjoyment, and everyone can genuinely relate to it and easily get involved just by being at home and taking a photo,” Rosselli added.

Robyn Frost, Victoria Rosselli
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