A Guaranteed Run (um hmm) for the Border

By SpyWriter 

In a move that is sure to shoot an arrow straight to the heart of chili eating, hot wing loving southerners, Heaven Hill Distilleries signed a licensing agreement to produce Tabasco brand spicy Tequila.

According to Brandweek, the spicy spirit will launch in five markets this month. Brandweek suggest that the move to create a tequila flavored tabasco is akin to flavor infused vodkas. I’m not certain that I agree with that. Especially since tequila and tabasco both have very bold and distinct individual flavors. And while I can freely admit that I can’t hold my tequila, that coffee flavored tequila isn’t half bad. But the thought of tabasco in my tequila just makes my stomach turn.


In the article, Paul Mcllhenny, CEO of the Mcllhenny Company, who produces Tabasco says that “Tabasco brand Pepper Sauce and tequila have been served together for a long time.” Really? Who the hell is drinking that and taking the time away from hugging the toilet to tell us about it?

The campaign will roll out with in store and in bar promotions under the slogan “Heat Up the Night”. Looks like you can buy a bottle at Tabascotequila.com if you dare. Let me know if Ya’ll like it.