A-B & Heineken Give Up While Miller Sells on Price

By Matt Van Hoven 

Look at the images above. Conan O’Brien and John Turturro will be repping Anheuser-Busch InBev (DDB Chicago)and Heineken (Wieden & Kennedy) during this year’s SuperBowl. We’re already disappointed.


There’s a saying that says when celebrities are used in advertising, the creatives have either gotten lazy, run out of ideas or both. That’s not how Heineken’s CMO Christian McMahan sees it: “Now more than ever, you need to give consumers a reason why you’re worth paying more for,” he told The New York Times’ Stuart Elliot.

Never has bullshit been so runny. What, John Turturro is going to make me watch to drink Heineken? This is the guy who last played a lame-ass wanna-be CIA guy on Transformers, right? Yeah, we like him, but he ain’t convincing us to buy Dutch beer. Same goes for Conan.

Miller, on the other hand, has an approach that’s all at once logical and effective. And when it comes to beer (and guys) logic wins every time. Cue 1secondads, a site that you should probably look at. The premise: the spokesmen who showed us that certain stores/restaurants shouldn’t sell High Life (cuz they charge to much) is back to harp on the cost of SuperBowl ads and entertain us with a bunch of one-second spots. Go look. GO! They’re fun, and though you may not like them for some reason, they definitely do a better job of selling beer (and branding) than anything else we’ve seen lately.

Mmmm, beer.

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