72andSunny Swipes Left for truth

By Erik Oster 

So who wants to feel old today?

72andSunny created a Tinder-themed anti-smoking music video for truth (who selected the agency as its creative partner about a year ago) entitled “Left Swipe Dat” featuring all sorts of “YouTube celebrities” — most of whom anyone over the age of 20 hasn’t heard of. In case the target demographic wasn’t obvious enough, the age of the Tinder matches in the video offers another clue (almost always under 20).


The message of the ad is equally clear: smoking makes you less likely to get laid. Truth’s scare tactics use to involve illustrating cancer risks with body bags and calling out large tobacco companies for their history of manipulation. Now they involve telling teens they won’t get laid if they light up. After a brief introduction, the text “Fact: You get double the matches if you’re not smoking in your profile pics.” Then things get really over-the-top as singer Becky G launches into the “Left Swipe Dat” song. Between the myriad cameos from YouTube celebrities and references to Internet culture in general, the ad tries really hard to present anti-smoking sentiment as cool and smoking as a turn off. Of course, as has always been the problem with anti-smoking messaging to teens, this has the potential to backfire. While it may scare some into avoiding smoking so they can get some action, more rebellious teens may resent being so clearly targeted and light up anyway. Those of us born before 1994, meanwhile, will just walk away from this very confused (and feeling old).


Client: Legacy
CMO: Eric Asche
VP, Marketing: Nicole Dorrler
Marketing Director: Mary Dominguez
Marketing Brand Manager: Jasmin Malone
Agency: 72andSunny
CCO, Partner: Glenn Cole
GCD: Mick DiMaria
GCD: Justin Hooper
Writer: Rebecca Ullman
Designer: Sarah Herron
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Brand Coordinator: Chelsea Gilroy
Chief Production Officer: Tom Dunlap
Director of Film Production: Sam Baerwald
Senior Film Producer: Marisa Wasser
Film Producer: Esther Perls
Director of Business Affairs: Michelle McKinney
Group Business Affairs Director: Amy Jacobsen
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Jr. Strategist: Spencer Adrian
Production Co.: DNA
Director: Director X
Partner: David Naylor
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Art Department: David Courtemarche
Editorial: Arcade Edit
E.P. Managing Partner: Damian Stevens
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Editor: Dean Miyahira
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Creative Directors: Kevin Lau & Jonah Hall
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